Sunday, September 18, 2016

Do You Love Coffee?

Do you love coffee? I do - even just the smell of coffee! I offset my craving for ice cream by adding a heaping tablespoon of vanilla or coffee flavored ice cream to my morning coffee. It tastes so g-o-o-d!

Anyway, my latest card making endeavor makes use of the Hot Off the Press template called Sweet Treats Pockets.

One of the designs is a cup of coffee (or you can certainly call it hot chocolate or hot cocoa) and it has a darling pocket which appears as a sleeve to hold the coffee and there's the addition on the template to add a tag to the pocket, your milk froth or whipped cream, and even a straw.

Were you one of the people who knitted or crocheted with all the beautiful decorative yarns that came out several years ago? I didn't do that, but I've found that these decorative yarns are fantastic to tie on little tags for card making. My little tag on this card reads "Smile" and I love the red feathery yarn that I added. Here are some other colors in my yarn basket - waiting to be included in my next project.

And here's my finished card.

I hope you enjoyed my craft project for today!

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